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QIZ Foreign Investors by Nationality
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  • QIZs have marketed their opportunity to several factory investors around the world.  The government took the lead in these marketing efforts, and increasingly the actual QIZs are managing this effort.
  •  The break-down of investor nationality is shown on the right.  Unfortunately, some of these investors will be uninterested in the QIZ offering post-2005, as they have a significantly more efficient production base in their home countries.
  •  The strategic investors are found in the other category.
On the below chart:
  •  Other category: represents a very important and growing strategic investors base, that has been ignored by most QIZs. Factories in those countries stand to benefit the most from the QIZ.
  •  Sri Lanka (6%), India (4%), Turkey (3%), Korea (3%)
  •  Please Note: The UAE percentage is misleading, as several Indian nationals have invested in Jordan, and represented themselves as UAE companies.